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Unit 3/24 Tradelink Road, Hillcrest, QLD


What We Do

We offer full service auto repair & maintenance

Key Drop-off Box

We have both wall- and surface-mount night drop boxes available for your specific use

Engine Diagnostics

Using specialized software, car diagnostic tools quickly and accurately point to problem areas in a car’s engine

Roadworthy Inspections

A roadworthy inspection checks that a vehicle has not worn or deteriorated to a point that the vehicle has become unsafe for normal road use


Many people think car Modification and car Maintenance are one and the same. But this is not the case of car Modification goes beyond the normal car Maintenance


Worn steering and suspension, if left undetected, cannot only affect tyre wear but can drastically reduce the safety and stability of your car

Brake & Clutch services

We have the utmost respect for the tough job your brakes do in keeping your family safe


Is your car out of warranty, due for a service or maybe missed a service or two?

Battery Replacement

A battery will almost always fail at the most inconvenient time and leave you stranded!

Auto Electrics

From a warning light on the dash through to a complex vehicle computer network problem, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge

Air Conditioning

A vehicle’s air conditioning system does not create cold air. It actually takes the heat and moisture out of the air that is already in your car,

Logbook Services

Logbook servicing is carried out at our auto mechanic shop to manufacturers’ specifications at required intervals.

Tyres & Balancing

You will need tyre balancing as soon as you purchase new tyres for your vehicle